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Your Choice Of Recovery

We all experience emotional ups and downs throughout our lives. Sometimes these emotions take a more serious hold on us and prevent us from living the way we want or may have planned.


Depression, anxiety, negative thinking, and stress can all cause us to experience unpleasant changes in personality, lifestyle, interactions with others, and cluttered environments. It’s easy to get stuck in a mental rut. When your brain is cluttered, and stress and overwhelm set in, your life can be cluttered and your goals can seem out of reach.


With whole health emotional wellness counseling, you can get out of that rut and transform your mind using positive thoughts and forward thinking. With a healthy mind, you will be ready to nourish your body and conquer your environment as well as your life.


Although we create educational information products, tools, resources, and self-paced distance learning courses to help individuals and organizations learn about proper nutrition and how to eat healthier.  We also see clients in person on a self-pay basis, officiant weddings, and organize clients' homes, perform energy cleaning for businesses/offices.


The cost of counseling services and how it works?


The sessions begin with a clarity/vent soul guidance session. Sessions are 60 minutes in length and range from $275-$375 per session, done both in person and remotely via email. It's perfect for the person who is on the fence about counseling and wants to experience how I session will feel in a nonjudgemental environment or someone who seeks a nonjudgemental person outside of their inner circle to talk to and would like to experience our life coaching and spiritual counseling services.


However, our signature program the Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox is a 12-week session for those who don't need a vent session and are ready to jumpstart healing. Some clients need long-term support and have benefited from working with us for a full year in her combined program where we tackle all aspects of healing by working with them for ten months. There is an intake processing fee of $380.00 that includes a $100 administration fee, a $180.00 Initial Consultation fee, and a $100 processing fee, which can be discussed at Intake for counseling clients.



What We Do



At Spiced Life Conversation, Art Wellness Studio, and Botanica we unapologetically have what some may say difficult conversations that aid in the growth, development, and development of our soul's path. We teach women how to overcome people-pleasing patterns, set healthy boundaries, create healthy eating habits, and speak their truth while they learn to not only love and respect their own needs but rebuild and maintain a stronger sense of self after years of abandoning their own needs to fix, save, rescue, and please others. We offer five levels of service depending on your life management needs.

Our Services

Lifestyle Management Services Declutter/Organization/Household Management Consultant for the Disorganized and Commercial Cleaning Services.


Life Event "Wedding Officiant"

Emotional Wellness and Stress Release Counseling

Nutrition and Stress Management Counseling

Spiritual Path/Life Purpose Counseling

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients and customers learn how to slow down and process their emotional pain and fear-based thinking to learn how to avoid relapses and maintain long-term sobriety in emotional eating and codependency behavior. Individual recovery/wellness plans are designed to address each client’s specific weakness with disorganization, approval addiction known as people pleasing, emotional eating, stress, reflecting on their background, and mental and emotional health issues as a whole as it relates to abandonment and emotional neglect trauma.

If you struggle with a lost sense of self in relationships we can help you reconnect to yourself as you start manifesting the life you were meant to live on your terms!

Our Goal

Goal: To help women reduce stress and find inner serenity. 
Chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide. It’s time we compassionately and effectively learn best practices to manage and reduce its effects.
"You don't become what you want, you become what you believe."
-Oprah Winfrey

Let Us Help You Organize Yourself Healthy!


Image by Eugene Golovesov

"Do not give

your past the

power to

define your


Modern Dining Room
Lifestyle Management Services


Initial Consultation and Strategy Session-$300

Follow-up Session 


After an initial session has been completed 


1x 1/2 day declutter session 3 hours $499


Additional sessions such as

full day 6 hours is $1497.00 


Price Per Hour: $125 


Unlimited email exchange for Question & Answers


  • Kitchen Pantry, Freezer, and Refrigerator Organization

  • Home Cleanse and Vibration Lifting Tips

  • Slow Living Transition Support

  • Professional Cleaning Service for Businesses email for FREE Quote.


Virtual Organization 


We’ll discuss one space you’d like to organize. If you'd like to organize multiple spaces, each space will require its own photo consultation. I’ll provide instruction on purging and organizing and teach you about new organizational systems customized for your space. 



If you’d like to continue with further instruction following our initial consultation, sessions will be charged at $100/hr. I’ll be happy to provide further guidance on purging, sorting, measuring for products, budgeting for a product, shopping for products, implementation of products, and tips on maintaining your new and improved systems.


All lifestyle and cleaning services are booked through our sister company
Sage by spiced life conversation, LLC

To learn more visit: 


Let's Get Started!

Image by Eugene Golovesov






-Oprah Winfrey

Stressed Woman
Emotional Wellness and Stress Release


  • Discover what is blocking you from healing & how to break-free from negative life patterns

  • Help you in making empowered choices aligned with your core values

  • See-through emotional influences keeping you entangled in disempowering circumstances

  • Get clarity on relationship dynamics & how to resolve them so that you can move on to having healthier & more loving relationships

  • Develop emotional intelligence so you stop reacting to situations

  • Understand emotional trauma creating & obstructing your life path and preventing you from accessing your true potential

  • Learn ways to reclaim your personal power to support you in creating a life aligned with what your heart truly desires

Healthy Woman
Nutrition and Stress Management


You can resolve emotional issues so you stop using food to relieve stress.

You can create a functional kitchen so you can ensure you have a stable foundation to make healthy food choices.

Learn ways to deal with the emotional influences of people in your life that may find it hard to support your new food choices and healthy habits.

Understand the food needed to support healthy eating, nutrition, stress management, and healthy habits.

Father and Son
Self Study
Discover Your Soul's Path Session



includes: $275.00 


(Soul Plan/Chakra/Numerology Report/and

Tarot Card Reading)

Reading Only:


Soul Plan/Chakra/Numerology Report/and Tarot card Reading Investment: $275.00

emailed in 2-3 business days and takes 5 hours to complete.


Full Program Breakdown:

Full 6-Week Session Self Study with unlimited email support for the Regular Price of $2,500


1x "Who Am I" Initial Consultation


1x Follow-up Session


Full Numerology Report/Tarot Card Reading 



Identity Formation Counseling for...

  • Career Development

  • Sense of Direction/Understanding Soul Path

  • Finding Purpose/Finding Passion/Understanding Spiritual Gifts

  • Finances and money mindset

  • Intuition Development Understand How God Speaks to you through your "Clairs" and daily life.



Take Away Coffee
Relapse Prevention

Fall Session Duration:

August, September, October, and November


"Navigate Emotional Eating During The Holidays" 


Registration is Open July 12th and Closed July 23rd

Class Begins August 2nd, 2021


Winter Session Duration:

January, February, March, and April  


"Beat The Winter Blues"

Registration opened December 12th and Closed December 23rd

Class Begins January 3rd, 2022

Young Dietitian
The All-in-One
12 Week Program
Begin Your Emotional Healing Journey
THE PROGRAM COST IS $2,997 FOR ENTIRE 3 MONTHS downloadable online self-pace course
work 1-1 in person with me $7,500
The Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox


Fall Session Duration:

August, September, and October


Registration is Open July 12th and Closed July 23rd

Class Begins August 2nd, 2021


Winter Session Duration:

January, February, and March 

Registration opened December 12th and Closed December 23rd

Class Begins January 3rd, 2022

Utilizing the principles of energy, universal laws, ancient spirituality, human design, and subconscious reprogramming, the soul connection 80/20 life detox is guaranteed to help you completely shift your reality by eliminating all the blocks that are keeping you living the reality you most desire. This is the ONLY program you will ever need when it comes to recovering from emotional eating, codependency, and manifesting your dream life. If you’re ready to harness the full power of the Universe, reconnect to God's grace and favor, and tap into your unique manifesting gifts to create a life on YOUR terms, this program is for YOU!

Beautiful Girl with Afro
After Care
The Program Cost IS $427.00 For 
Entire 4 -Week Maintenance Program 


 Practice your knowledge of ingredients and recipe selection 


Discuss how nutrient-rich foods function 


Plan budget-minded and balanced meals


Focus on how your habits affect your outcomes, 

and discuss how to make decisions throughout the day that support your goals.

Discuss any triggers you may be experiencing and not coping with at this time.

Relapse Prevention





Note: We no longer accept insurance. 

Clients are Self Pay we accept

“Cash, Checks, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard) are welcome. 


All Individual Payments are due at the time of service. 

All Program Enrollments are due "In Full" before the first day of sessions.

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