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Do you struggle with a lost sense of self? 


Many people who struggle with codependency have adapted and reacted to others' behavior to cope, instead of referring back to the internal impulses of their authentic selves. The challenge they face is that they struggle with being their true authentic self while in relationships. Due to a sense of abandonment and childhood emotional neglect, many lack the feeling of being safe, struggle with self-worth issues, and have an individual identity. 


Some codependents complain that they feel like "a fraud," or that they experience inauthentic behavior in close relationships. When you can't connect to yourself, you find it hard to identify feelings, make a decision, and set boundaries. You react to people and situations and look to others for answers, validation, and approval. Sometimes, you may feel resentful, lost, and confused, which leads to depression. Many of my 

codependent clients remain in unhappy and confused relationships, which leads to a lost sense of self.  Many codependents also remain in unhappy relationships because of the pain of rejection and loneliness. Some forgo commitment and stay on their own due to avoid losing themselves again.  I created a life detox program to help guide you through your recovery so you will have deeper clarity and the tools needed to build a stronger sense of self.

The Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox Cleanse Program

Start Your Healing Journey!

Coming Soon in Aug 2022


Applications Open June 27th

Registration Open July 11th -Closed July 22nd

Recovery Sessions Begins August 1st

​I am not what happened to me,
I am what I choose to become.
~Carl Jung

  • Are you stressed out, depressed, or anxious?

  • Are your difficulties impacting the important relationships in your life?

  • Are you struggling with acceptance by yourself or others?

  • Are you a person who thinks if you just love hard enough, you can fix a bad relationship—only it’s not working so well?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our program is right for you. I work in the Depth Psychology tradition, which views painful life issues as emotional wounds that stem from a root source, such as a traumatic event. I help women struggling with codependency, financial stress, imposter syndrome, and emotional eating deal with negative energy that affects their aura and chakra emotional center. We explore the generational curses and deep-rooted abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma that causes negative thoughts, emotions, and unhealthy behaviors that attract toxic people and one-sided relationships. Best of all I teach them how to grow mentally stronger by building and maintaining a stronger sense of self. 

Recovery from a codependent relationship can be incredibly hard. After all the work you’ve put in to try and change the nature of your relationship or even separate yourself from a toxic individual, you may still feel tempted to slip back into old habits of losing your own identity and sense of self.

Change is hard especially if you're grieving from a divorce, breakup, loss of love, loss of friendships, or disconnection from family members you used to admire and respect, especially when it comes to changing the way you interact with daily life. But it’s important that you remain strong throughout the process and continue to foster healthy life strategies that keep you free and honest in any relationship without the desire to deny your own needs to feel loved or worthy of love.

Having your self-identity is important to live a fruitful and balanced lifestyle free of codependency and the development of unhealthy behavior habits/addictions.  

Whether you’re a recovering people-pleaser, a recovering codependent, an emotional eater, a highly-sensitive person, an empath, or a chronic caregiver, or have the INFJ or INPJ personality trait our self-identity whole health counseling program can guide you to live from a place of strength, authenticity, and inner peace.

Ready to get serious about finding your real identity?

Our Program Will Teach You How To...

  • Realize your self-worth

  • Be a caring person without sacrificing yourself

  • Set healthy boundaries and express your needs

  • Find your authentic self

  • Creating worthwhile goals with manageable, realistic steps

  • Stop codependent behaviors patterns

  • Communicate effectively

  • Help others without enabling

  • Set effective boundaries

  • Improve your self-esteem

  • Identify and express your needs and feelings

  • Manage unearned guilt

  • Heal from past abuse

  • Chose healthy relationships

  • Use your sensitivity as a gift and take pride in being an HSP

  • Cope with strong emotions and better understand their purpose

  • Reduce overstimulation and adjust your environment to fit you better

  • Increase your self-esteem and strengthen your sense of self

  • Handle conflict without automatically switching into anxiety, guilt, anger, or withdraw

  • Maintain healthy boundaries with others and express your needs

  • Receive guidance from your intuition

The All-in-One
12 Week Program
Begin Your Emotional Healing Journey
THE PROGRAM COST IS $2,997 FOR ENTIRE 3 MONTHS downloadable online self-paced course
work 1-1 in person with me $7,500
The Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox


Fall Session Duration:

August, September, and October


Registration is Open July 11th and Closed July 22nd

Class Begins August 1st, 2022


Winter Session Duration:

January, February, and March 

Registration is Open December 12th and Closed December 29th

Class Begins January 2nd, 2023

Utilizing the principles of energy, universal laws, ancient spirituality, human design, and subconscious reprogramming, the soul connection 80/20 life detox is guaranteed to help you completely shift your reality by eliminating all the blocks that are keeping you living the reality you most desire. This is the ONLY program you will ever need when it comes to recovering from emotional eating, codependency, and manifesting your dream life. If you’re ready to harness the full power of the Universe, reconnect to God's grace and favor, and tap into your unique manifesting gifts to create a life on YOUR terms, this program is for YOU!

By developing a new relationship with emotional wounds and traumatic memories, you can lay them to rest and move on with new confidence.


Welcome to the Application for the 6th Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox Cleanse.

The Course begins on August 1st of 2022.  To be considered, please read all fields and complete each query. This application is to determine if we are a good fit for working in the Mentor/Mentee Relationship, as well as if the necessary skills are present to be well met by the training. For the 2022 cycle, we will be accepting 20 applicants. If you are accepted, we will send you further registration details and costs.

As a part of the consideration for the cohort, we are requesting all applicants review and agree to our Community Agreements.  Please review thoroughly and check in with your inner voice then take inspired action after you have confirmed God's guidance and blessings to engage in this training. 

As a recommendation, I encourage you to thoughtfully reply to each question in a word document so that you can fully sit with your response, and when you are satisfied paste the response into the corresponding field.  

All questions regarding the course will be answered upon completion of the application.


With care,

Dr. Nikki LeToya White


Counseling/ Coaching AGREEMENTS


Thank you for cooperating with these agreements. They are designed to maximize the extent to which participants can grow and bring themselves forward to begin healing. The principles and agreements for interactions are as follows:

1. I agree to treat all team members with civility and kindness as they are not the blame for what I am feeling.

2. I agree to stay self-reflective and not other-focused.

3. I understand that counseling and coaching will trigger me and I will learn to deal with this painful part of my recovery.

4. I understand that I am responsible for my personal needs and will get additional support outside of class when needed.

5. I will maintain confidentiality and do not speak about other people’s experiences outside of class.

6. I agree to be on time and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

7. I will respect and welcome diversity. Some team members are LGBTQ+ positive and for people of diverse backgrounds.

8. I understand that If Dr. White finds that anyone is having trouble keeping these agreements she will request a meeting outside of class to discuss what is happening. I understand that she reserves the right to revoke participation at any point if she determines that:

a) A participant’s personal needs are not a good match for our program, or 

b) A participant is habitually disruptive or rude during the emotional process. I understand that if she revokes participation there is no refund upon when a participant has exited the training.

9. I understand that due to the limited sessions available in this training, if I am accepting a session time, I will prioritize being present for all live calls and in-person sessions.  I also understand that if I decide to exit the program at any point, (with some exceptions, I.E Illness, death of a loved one) that I will be responsible for the full cost of the training, (It is possible to request to be transferred to the next cohort in a change of life circumstances).

Apply Here
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Application Form​

We'd like to learn more about you to determine if we are aligned to work together. Please fill out this form if you are interested in getting on the waitlist for the program.

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