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Counseling Exclusively for Women in Recovery

(Sugar Addiction- Codepednecy People Pleasing- Binge/Emotional/Stress Eating)


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We are dedicated to helping hurting women and addressing, the health and wellness goals of those who struggle with codependency and emotional eating behavior caused by abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma. 


How Can We Help You?


Are you struggling with emotional eating or sugar addiction?


Are you having trouble processing emotional pain from abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma?


Have you lost your sense of self?


Do you want to learn how to overcome codependency people pleasing and focus on your own emotions healing journey of self-love and self-growth? 


Do you want to build a closer relationship with God and develop your faith and intuition so you can follow inspired guidance? 


Do you want to set the foundation for healthy living by organizing yourself healthy?™


Do you want to learn how to balance chakra with whole foods and clean your aura to raise your vibration? 

Let Us Help You

Organize Yourself Healthy!

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