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Coping After a Vaginal Atrophy Diagnosis

Coping after a Vaginal Atrophy Diagnosis and seeking counseling when sexual dysfunction hits close to home is helpful for everyone involved. If you’ve never had a sexual complaint scare or diagnosis or never lost your ability to have an orgasm or vaginal penetration – consider yourself extremely lucky. Studies estimate that more than half the women over age 40 in the United States have sexual complaints. Most women also experience diminished sexual responsiveness and loss of libido at the onset of menopause, and many have sexual complaints after hysterectomy, giving birth, and breastfeeding. 

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Why Can Counseling Help When Vaginal Atrophy Hits Close to Home?

First, let me tell you it's not in your head. Consider getting checked out when you can't tolerate vaginal penetration, experience vaginal dryness, never had an orgasm, have vaginal walls thinning and decreasing elasticity, have pain during sex, or have no interest in sex.

Considering counseling when vaginal atrophy hits close to home is a helpful way to cope during your sexual health journey. Learning that you have sexual dysfunction can be distressing and life-altering for a person who is just diagnosed and those who love them.

From initial diagnosis to post-treatment survivorship, counseling can help to improve your quality of life. Spouses and/or partners also will benefit from supportive counseling to process the complex feelings that arise when a serious sexual complaint impacts someone you love.

Comprehensive sexual wellness routine and care is more than managing a condition but is holistic care that focuses on the whole person, body, mind, and spirit.

Spiced Life Conversation, LLC has recovery coaches on our team who are trained in walking patients through these realities.


One of the most difficult parts of living with vaginal atrophy is not being able to take action. 

I lived with this condition for almost 15 years. It took me so long to heal my vaginal atrophy, not because it is impossible or difficult to do, but rather because I struggled to take the first steps of action towards managing my condition. 

I chose to deny vaginal atrophy and sexual wellness altogether, I didn’t even read anything about it. So, if you made it here and are reading this now, congratulations!

This means that you are one step closer to curing your condition than you were before! 

Of course,  we need to do more than this to cure our condition. In our sessions, we’re going to uncover the importance of taking action to heal vaginal atrophy, because it is curable my dear friend, even if you don’t believe it yet, even if you might not believe in yourself at the moment, I KNOW THAT YOU’LL OVERCOME IT.

It’s not a belief or, a wish nor a dream. It is KNOWING. A deep knowing which says, “ I know from the bottom of my heart that you can overcome this condition, cause if I could do it, so can you!”

Why Can Counseling Help When Vaginal Atrophy Hits Close to Home?


Many times, when people are diagnosed with vaginal atrophy, there is immediate fear, anxiety, and trepidation about their futures. There is also a very real worry about their marriage and/or relationships and how to have sexual pleasure while dealing with pain, discomfort, body image, emotional issues, and trauma from medical diagnosis.

Reasons to Seek Counseling when Vaginal Atrophy  Hits Close to Home:

✨Learn to Deal with Your Vaginal Atrophy Diagnosis


This, we realize, is not an easy thing. But coming to grips with what you are facing and having a safe space to express your feelings can unload a lot of that stress.


✨Feeling Less Overwhelmed and More in Control


When you lay your concerns out in the open with a recovery coach who are trained in this field, you will feel less overwhelmed and hopefully more in control of your situation.


✨Manage Anxiety and Depressive Low Moods That Can Lead to Emotional/Binge/Stress Eating


This is our wheelhouse. Our recovery coaches can help you deal with these new feelings of anxiety and depression that are swirling around your diagnosis. And having a place and person to do this outside of your family and friends gives you the freedom to really unleash all of those feelings and emotions without feeling judged or ashamed.

✨Dealing with Emotional Concerns about Self-Image, Body-Image and even Intimacy

Our recovery coaches are experts at helping you unpack the feelings you may have during treatment. Loss of interest in sex, vaginal dryness, inability to do a lot of your normal sexual activities/positions due to painful sex – these can be extremely challenging. We can give you the tools to accept this and move in the right direction. Both mentally, emotionally, and physically.

✨Managing Fears and Worries About the Future Stats of Your Marriage and/or Relationship


It is completely normal to fear the future when faced with a Vaginal Atrophy diagnosis. We can help you talk through your fears and worries regarding the future and give you hope and ways to cope. Sex is central to intimacy, to who we are, to our emotional well-being and quality of life. Doctors have assumed for years that as long as a woman is able to have intercourse without pain, all is well. That is simply not the case. The fact that nutrition and sexual education have rarely been a part of physicians' education and training has further aggravated the problem. Most male physicians have only their personal life experiences to help them understand female sexuality. encourage our collaboration and work will help bridge that gap and encourage early education in sexuality for physicians and health care professionals in training and help educate those currently in practice who seek to add value to their patient's sexual wellness journey. 


Contact Us for More Support


If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with Vaginal Atrophy please contact us. We would be honored to take this journey with you and be a sounding board for you.

 Email us at to find out more. We promise to fight for you and your mental and emotional health during this difficult time.

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