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Dr. Nikki LeToya White
The 7 Laws of Recovery
The 7 laws of recovery are the recovering woman's guide to the GuttyGirl's Lifestyle it's the foundation of how she thinks, her reactions, and how she lives her life. As the Four Levels of Healing Program evolved, participants began to request a step-by-step guide for everyday living in conjunction with the Daily Five. In response, founder Dr. Nikki LeToya White, MsEd, (TL), Ph.D., RHN, defined the following 7 laws of recovery as the foundation for developing sobriety goals and recovery plans to support building a sustainable life in recovery.
Building a sustainable life in recovery, especially for women, is crucial because it addresses the holistic needs of an individual.
Dr. Nikki Letoya White’s approach to the 7 laws of recovery emphasizes the importance of comprehensive self-care, which includes:
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Dr. Nikki LeToya White
The 7 Laws of Recovery

1. Mental Self-Care: Focusing on psychological well-being, which is essential for managing stress, making decisions, and maintaining emotional balance.

2. Emotional Self-Care: Dealing with feelings directly affects one’s ability to cope with daily challenges and recover from emotional setbacks.

3. Relationship Self-Care: Building and maintaining healthy relationships contribute to a supportive network, which is vital for long-term recovery.

4. Physical Self-Care: Taking care of one’s body through exercise, nutrition, and sleep is fundamental for overall health and resilience.

5. Spiritual Self-Care: Engaging in practices that align with one’s values and beliefs can provide a sense of purpose and connection.

6. Financial Self-Care: Managing finances effectively can reduce stress and create a stable environment conducive to recovery.

7. Environmental Self-Care: Creating a safe and nurturing physical environment supports well-being and helps in maintaining a recovery-oriented lifestyle.

These aspects of self-care are interconnected and support one another. For instance, good physical health can improve mental health, and financial stability can reduce stress, thereby supporting emotional health. In recovery, self-care is particularly important because it helps individuals rebuild their lives, prevent relapse, and develop a sense of control and self-worth. It allows them to focus on healing and growth, rather than just the absence of substance use.

Dr. White’s framework likely recognizes that recovery is not just about abstaining from harmful behaviors but also about creating a fulfilling and balanced life. By addressing all these areas, women in recovery can build resilience, find fulfillment, and maintain their sobriety in the long term.

About Dr. Nikki LeToya White

Dr. Nikki Letoya White is a professional who specializes in counseling and coaching for women in recovery. She is the founder of Spiced Life Conversation, LLC, a family-owned art wellness studio and botanica that has been operating since 2008. Dr. White holds a M.S.Ed -TL, Ph.D., RHN and offers a range of services aimed at helping women overcome challenges related to emotional eating, sugar addiction, codependency, and people-pleasing habits.

Her approach is trauma-informed, focusing on nutrition education and herbal remedies to support women’s health, including issues like vaginal atrophy and diastasis recti repair after abdominoplasty surgery. Dr. White also provides emotional healing sessions to help women break free from the past pain of abandonment and childhood emotional neglect.


Dr. White’s work is centered around helping women build a sustainable life in recovery by addressing various aspects of self-care and wellness. She emphasizes the importance of aligning one’s life with their true self, rather than conforming to external expectations, and making sobriety goals, recovery plans, and self-care rituals a top priority.

Her services are available in Conyers, Georgia, and she offers resources for sober living and sugar detox services. Dr. White is dedicated to supporting women through their recovery journey, offering tools and resources such as a free life detox 5-day cleanse to start the process.

Dr. White works closely with her clients and gives personalized solutions to beginning and creating a life in alignment with their vivid vision of their rich life in recovery. She helps her clients build necessary soft skills like

  • Improved focus

  • Awareness

  • Resilence

  • Healthy coping skills

  • Financial self-care

It’s clear that Dr. White’s holistic and compassionate approach to recovery and wellness has made a significant impact on the lives of many women seeking to overcome their struggles and live a healthier, more balanced life.

If this sounds like something you need, contact Dr. White to have a chat about your sobriety and self-care goals. 


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