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Books For Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs

To Help Build Your Brand. Heal Emotional Trauma. and Practice Self Care Rituals

Dr. Nikki Letoya White

Dr. Nikki LeToya White

Owner and CEO


Books Heal

Books have made me a high six-figure income contributing to my financial goal of seven figures...

I've devoured books since high school. But the amazing part-is that I applied what I learned. I didn't have anything or anyone else to depend on. So I had to bet on myself.

book lover

I've learned the hard lesson that knowledge ain't nothing without application.


We have more knowledge of our fingerprints than our ancestors, parents, and grandparents but we struggle to take action and apply because we are scared of success and being abandoned, scared of failing or making mistakes, or just making excuses for not being responsible for our own life choices. But the reality is making mistakes and facing my fears helped me create my $35/k months. 

The reality is you will never win without taking action. #Recovery Matters #Self Care Matters #Reading Matters These books I share at live events are killer!!!

The question is will you read them? Will you become a lifelong learner? Or do you believe learning stops after graduating from high school or college? 

I'm Dr. Nikki LeToya White originally from lil ole Panama City, Florida but have resided in Atlanta Georgia for the past 20 years. When I first started my private practice I was a marriage and family counselor with no starter money and no support, I eventually got contracts to work within the mental health and substance abuse field working as a master-level individual and family behavioral health therapist, substance abuse counselor, and clinical case manager. I also worked as an office manager for a trucking company and as an operation manager for Dollar Tree.  I did all this before I relapsed into my emotional binge eating disorder and had to take a full year off to heal and recover from exhaustion, stress, burnout, and unhealthy eating. But what I did have that saved my life was:

  • Blind AMBITION

  • Books

  • Google

  • a spiritual teacher

  • Joyce Meyers

  • Joel Osteen

  • Louise L. Hay

  • Debbie Ford

  • Denise Duffield Thomas 

  • Rachel Rodgers

  • Then a desire for more.

These books I recommend are just some of my favorite wellness and business books for entrepreneurs, self-healers, and folks in recovery from abandonment wounds and childhood emotional neglect trauma, imposter syndrome as it relates to the fear of success and being abandoned, codependency people pleasing, financial stress and binge emotional eating disorder.

Master Level Healing Journey 


Last Week I hosted a Wellness Workshop in Denver Colorado with my Master Level Clients. Our Master Level included folks who have recovered from codependency and emotional eating and are in full remission for at least 3 to 5 years. When this happens most folks want to start coaching others on how to heal and recover in their unique way using their unique experience. 


When I started my business, I felt stuck.


I knew I was smart and hardworking. I knew I had valuable skills to offer people. But I wasn’t sure what I needed to do to get started or break through to the six-figure revenue mark. 


If you’re wondering the same thing, I have helpful resources to share with you that I offered to my clients during the wellness workshop. Hopefully, these resources can help you get to your $10K per month and beyond.

All the Best

Dr. Nikki LeToya White

Working with Dr. White has been a boost to my self-acceptance and self-worth.”


“Working with Dr. White has been so instrumental for me in a challenging time of my life. I took the Soul Connection 80/20/Life Detox Cleanse program. Then went on to sign up for the Life in Recovery Program. Best investment I've done in both my life and career. I decided that I was going all-in with my online business, a project that required me to be the best version of myself for others who were following my healing journey, and to take good care of my energy at the same time due to I am also a highly sensitive person. I knew that, to uplevel, I had to let go of some limiting beliefs that were holding me back from stepping into my power. I found Dr. White's affirmation and scriptures to be very useful in helping me develop a favorable mindset. I also had to listen when Dr. White talked about the herbs, healing oils, and self-care rituals needed for folks like us who have to consciously protect our energy every day. Working with Dr. White has been a boost to my self-acceptance and self-worth, which is exactly what I needed to uplevel and deliver my best energy to myself and others in this chapter of my life.”


 Yolanda Grant-Conyers Georgia

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Student-Level Healing Journey


Recently, I hosted an Emotional Healing in 3 Easy Steps Wellness Workshop in Downtown Athens, Georgia with my Student Level Clients. On the Student Level folks are on the fence about how to emotionally heal and begin their emotional healing recovery journey from abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma that cause self-sabotaging, self-abandonment, and addictions: co-occurring behavior that includes


codependency (people pleasing), emotional eating (sugar addiction, cravings, and dependency in times of stress and drama ) financial stress (taking on others' debt, stress, unhappiness, and money blocks) impostor syndrome (fear of success and being abandoned) all the things I help clients overcome.


When this happens most folks want to shrink, hide, play small, self-sabotage, and neglect their own needs, wellness, life, and business goals. (Get out of their soul contract)I've seen folks like myself who tend to lose themselves in one-sided relationships. Some sabotage relationships by not being willing to forgive and move past what happened to them- blaming not only the folks that hurt them but also the ones who are there for them trying to give them the love and support they need to help them heal and recover while they do their best to fulfill their soul contract. This kind of unconditional love is something they haven't been able to accept or receive due to a close heart, painful memories, and unresolved pain from the past keeping them stuck in that season of their life when the trauma happen.


The feeling in this stage is: Being Lost. 

When your sense of abandonment and emotional neglect or abuse goes on for years, especially at a young age, you live in a fog. You have no clue about who you are. You have no visibility about where you are, about your past or what is your destination. Coping mechanisms are unhealthy and self-sabotaging (binge eating, bulimia, anorexia, depression, excessive gambling, excessive shopping, alcohol, drugs, opioids, lack of trust, social anxiety, etc…) are part of your daily routine. And you are unaware of an alternative. You are living in “LOST” or "DISCONNECTION" without understanding how to get unstuck from this emotional pain. In my dark night of a soul experience, I learned about soul contracts which gave me a spiritual shift on how I come to view the world, people, and my self-image. Soul contracts were very fascinating to me and it gave me much comfort knowing that many of the relationships and life events and challenges were preordained by me and a higher council from the divine and settled upon before my arrival on earth. This belief just felt true to me. It made sense. This truth causes me to be able to forgive those that hurt me. It also causes me to interact differently with those around me. I begin to see things as lessons to grow my spirit and coincidences that shape or impact the lives of those I cross as well as folks impacting my journey rather good or bad, it was all lessons I can learn and grow from to make a better decision as I manifest my life on earth. 


This Motivated Me To Break The Cycle of Abandonment and Neglect and Teach Folks To Heal From Trauma and Addiction So They Could Live The Life They Were Meant To Experience. 


When your goal is to break the circle of abandonment and neglect, the challenge is huge.

Most times folks jump right into research mode. They begin to search for everything and anything there is to know about healing childhood trauma: Books, blogs, YouTube, etc. You read testimonies, search for answers, and compare them to your own life. By comparing the “theory” to your life, you begin to see the patterns of your life, your past, and your present. Learning would be your first step on how to heal from emotional abuse one step at a time. You switch from a passive version of yourself to an active one. Then you begin to imagine an alternative to your past and present. You begin therapy, create a roadmap or connect with the right friends, imagine an alternative route for your life, and read empowering blogs and stories like my own. 


Those pondering how to start their emotional healing journey or what is the best way to heal emotional trauma and unresolved past wounds find my self-care rituals and own unique life lessons from my experience comforting and inspiring in motivating them to begin healing and learn more about the fascinating topic of soul contracts. 


When I started my emotional healing journey to heal my past abandonment wound and childhood emotional neglect trauma, I felt stuck and had a MAJOR fear of success and being abandoned.


I didn't want to talk about my shame story from my past. I didn't even know what a soul contract was. I knew my mom and family did the best they could with the knowledge they had at the time. I knew I was loved. But I wasn’t sure what I needed to do to get started or break through the pain of feeling unwanted, unloved, misunderstood, ignored, and different, and my fear of being abandoned if I was successful in life. I felt like if things were going too well that my life would change and my loved ones would leave me. This was a recurring theme in my life. This also causes self-sabotaging behavior.


Rejection and abandonment had been the recurring pattern for my experience as a child after my father chose not to have a relationship with me and my mother had to leave me to pursue her career in law enforcement to take care of us, then in my adult life, my husband left me to pursue his career as a over the road truck driver which triggered this deep wound I never knew existed until a cycle of five to be exact "panic attacks" sent me to the ER. In my mind success equals being abandoned, the recurring theme, and challenge I seem to endure in my life. Always the caretaker, the giver, the self-sacrificer, and the loner. This false belief became a money block as well as a traumatic stronghold in my life and long-distance marriage as a trucker wife that had affected my thinking, personal life, and business goals.


It needed to be acknowledged and dealt with if I was to receive God's grace and blessing for the life I was meant to experience. Most importantly, so it wouldn't be passed down to my children and the next generation as a generational emotional wound. It was up to me to break the cycle. 


If you’re wondering how to heal unresolved pain so you can bring your lost self back and reconnect to your authentic self, I have helpful resources to share with you that I offered to my clients during the wellness workshop. Hopefully, these resources can help you decide if you're ready to do the work needed to heal and recover. I believe sharing your shame story and reading about others (fiction or nonfiction) are powerful ways to embrace change and choose yourself so you can begin healing and living your best life. 

All the Best

Dr. Nikki LeToya White

"Dr. White helped me let go of my worries and fears.”


“I found Dr. White at the perfect time in my life. Signing up for her coaching was the best decision I made in 2016. I was so ready for a big change. I had all these ideas in my head. But I just couldn’t make myself do it. I was struggling with sugar addiction, and emotional eating felt insecure, and unorganized, and didn’t believe in myself. But Dr. White did from day one. She reminded me of what I was capable of. Within 5 weeks of working together, thanks to Dr. White’s incredible support and positivity, my whole life has changed. I quit my job, became my boss, felt comfortable talking about my shame story in front of a camera, and was ready to take on the world. Dr. White helped me ditch sugar and establish a low-sugar life, rid my negative self-talk and codependent behavior, and re-learn to enjoy life. Today, I show up for myself and others with compassion and confidence. I don’t overthink things anymore. I just do them. Dr. White gave me actionable advice every week. She told me what I needed to hear, not just what I wanted to hear. Working with her felt like talking to a close friend. Dr. White deeply cares about her clients and is a wonderful person. Her energy will light your soul on fire and leave you with no choice but to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. For that, I will be forever grateful. I was heisted at first to spend the $4,000 at the time it felt like spending a million dollars but I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a recovery coach to anyone who feels stuck in a negative situation or mindset right now and seeking to heal from abandonment and emotional neglect trauma from the past. Do yourself a favor and get started today start healing now. You won't regret it”


Tammy Thomas Wright- Conyers, Georgia

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