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Spiced Life Conversation is located in Conyers Georgia. We are the top resource for self care rituals, flexitarian clean eating lifestyle,  meal prep recipes for chakra health, shadow work journaling for mental and emotional health, and creating a closer relationship with God as you learn the tools you need to heal and recover from codependency and emotional eating cause by abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma. Our goal is to provide tools, resources, and guides to help you create the lifestyle you were meant to experience as you shift from these four recurring self sabotaging behaviors...


Codependency (people pleasing feeling responsible for everyone and everything)

Imposter Syndrome (fear of success and being abandon)

Emotional Eating (sugar addiction, sugar dependence)

Financial Stress (taken on other people debt, loaning money to folks who can't pay you back, undercharging for your services or products)  

I often work with people who have learned from a young age that in order to stay safe, they had to caretake, people-please,

and accommodate other people’s feelings before their own.

You Can't Stop Pleasing Others. 

If you're reading this I'm guessing that you think you may be codependent. 

You may feel responsible for other people's feelings, moods, life choices and behavior. You may feel anxious if others are unhappy with you, and you give their needs, feelings, and opinions precedence over your own. 

You won't express how you feel or ask for your needs, because you don't want to burden others with your problems. 

You want to keep the peace at all cost, even if it means sacrificing yourself and your happiness. 


So you keep telling yourself that "you got this," but you really don't-you really feel unseen and misunderstood. 

A part of you know that you lack self worth, values, self respect, and self compassion. You know you shouldn't discount your own feelings, wants, and needs or even doubt yourself. But your compassion for others and fear of abandonment is so strong that you dismiss or talk yourself out of self care and self love to avoid conflict especially in close relationships. 


You even escape with food, shopping, or constantly working or doing because you do not want to go through the process of healing trauma that you carry in your life due to unresolved emotional pain from childhood emotional neglect and abandonment or you just avoid facing this addiction because it feels good but really deep down you know it's just a numbing mechanism that needs to be eliminated from your life.


At times you want to give up, unplug from your responsibilities and not care so much about how others see you, being the responsible person, but you don't want to admit to anyone or yourself that you're feeling resentful, unappreciated, and ignored because you're not able to say no to things or set boundaries to accommodate your own needs, goals, or wellness plan. Or live in the complete freedom you crave without feeling overwhelmed and trapped by life, business, or the people in your life.


Therefore you just defer to, agree with, and please others and escape with food to feel better while suppressing your difficult emotions and stressful lifestyle. At times you may even find it difficult to understand your own emotions.  

If this sounds like you.


Emotional Intelligence, Codependency and Emotional Eating Counseling can support you.











The thing is you must learn the hard lesson of trusting, respecting, loving, and showing compassion for yourself. This statement sounds simple but many people struggle everyday to priorities their needs, self care rituals, and lead their own lives without guilt, shame, and outside influences of other people expectations, beliefs, and demands.


If you need support I can help you begin your emotional healing journey.


Are You Ready For Change?


By slowing down, being fully mentally present, you’ll develop a deeper awareness to your thoughts, feelings, needs, decisions, wants and desires.


You can do this by asking for support and guidance. Together we will create the life you’ve dreamt of free from codependency and emotional stress eating.

No more putting yourself last, let’s make you a high priority!

So if your ready to “become the leader of your life,” I got you!


What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is our ability to reason about the emotions of others and ourselves to enhance thinking and decision-making. EI helps leaders maximize their own and their team’s performance. EI is higher in individuals who possess the five skills of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation to achieve, empathy, and social skills. Research has shown that EI can be learned and developed by strengthening the use of the five skills.


I help women struggling with codependency, financial stress, imposter syndrome, and emotional eating deal with negative energy that affect their aura and chakra emotional center. We explore the generational curses and deep rooted abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma that causes negative thoughts, emotions, and unhealthy behaviors that attract toxic people and one-sided relationships. Best of all I teach them how to grow mentally stronger by building and maintaining a stronger sense of self. 

In short, I help women take charge of their lives and become a better version of themselves by becoming the leader of their own life choices without people pleasing, fear or rejection and abandonment, hiding or playing small to make others feel comfortable or for themselves to feel valued or loved. Your feeling, needs, and voice matter. You Matter.



So Let's Start Honoring Your Worth! 

Whole Health Counseling
The Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox Cleanse Program

How Can We Help?


Are you interested in understanding the emotional wounds of abandonment and childhood emotional neglect?


Would you like to gain clarity on some of your limiting patterns and circumstances?

Are you unsure about what decisions to make to stop sugar cravings and emotional eating? Are you ready to start creating healthier eating habits and a stronger foundation at home for healthier eating habits?

Are you ready to discover your soul path, spiritual gifts, or build a personal relationship with God by developing your intuition and following it with strong faith and desire when manifesting the life you were meant to experience opposed to the life you have created through the demands and expectations of others. 

Do you have a lot of questions about your current life situation: emotional wound, emotional eating, lose sense of self in relationships, purpose in life and/or understand spiritual gifts and soul path and seek a numerology reading, or perhaps you would like to develop your leadership skills, or learn how to get organized to raise the vibration of your home, office, or life?

Are you ready for a new beginning? A fresh start.

Whatever your self care, wellness, or lifestyle management goal we can help.


Learn how to get back on track and reset your life by beginning your emotional healing journey today. We can show you ways to protect your vibe!

Share your story with us today!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Avon by Nikki




Through Dr. White’s work I’ve understood so many things about myself. I’ve started saying no to things I normally would’ve said yes to, and it feels so so good to no longer think self care is being selfish. I no longer feel guilty when taking care of my own needs.  Thank you.

Caitlin W.- Athen Georgia

When I met Dr. White I was a total mess. I ate way too much processed foods snd sugar, hated my job, hadn’t put myself first in years, and I was miserable due to unresolved emotional pain from a neglectful mother who struggled with drugs who left the childcare responsibilities up to my grandmother who raised both my sister and I. I actually meet Dr. White  in Georgia during a loan closing appointment as I was visiting to support my sister in closing on her first home purchase. I was curious about the sign on her car that read Spiced Life Conversation and she explained that she was also a licensed nutritionist and folk herbalist in conjunction to being a certified mobile notary and loan signing agent, I was inspired and curious so I booked an appointment during my stay in the United States.  Dr. White taught me skills to manage my anxiety and stress eating and was so patient and kind in her approach. I felt so comfortable with her, and her confidence gave me the courage to correct major areas of my life. I have worked virtual via email and phone with  Dr. White for 7 months and I don’t even recognize myself. I am now happy and in control of my life and emotional state. I have learned how to take care of myself without compromise, and I have my new relationship with God and Dr. White to credit.”


-Jennifer W.- London England


I have been depressed my entire adult life. I tried other therapists and never stuck with it. A trusted friend gave me Dr. White’s name and website, and I decided to give her Fall Course The Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox Cleanse a try. Upon our first session I knew I was in the right place, I loved the fact I could communicate via email as I express myself better through writing. Her emails were inspiring and detailed. We also held phone sessions and texted. She quickly identified my issues with fear of abandonment and reassured me that she knew how to help me. Long story short, within 6 months I feel like a different person. I am no longer waking up hopeless and sad, but rather look forward to everyday. I gain much clarity about my sense of abandonment and how to stop stress eating, deal with my pain, let go of things I can't control, forgive, and focus on healing my thoughts and behavior around codependency people pleasing and stress eating. Her approach is easy to follow and is the reason I feel better.


-Stephanie C. San Diego, California 


I came to Dr. White freshly after separating from my husband after 39 years of a terribly difficult marriage. I was referred by a friend who worked with her when she was a therapist at Florida Therapy in Panama City, Florida. My friend  told me Dr. White had an outreach that supported displaced housewives. She listened to my story. I told her what I needed to know was, did I make the right decision being that I had been a stay at home mom my entire life with no marketable skills or job experience. She completely assured me I was making the right decision, hands down. She was able to see clearly what the difficulties were, and gave me good counsel and the confidence I needed in order to go forward and do the right thing. Dr. White is a great listener, easy to talk to, professional and genuinely cares. I was able to turn my stay at home mom experience into marketable skills to obtain a job to support my kids and myself. She is very insightful and knows how to do her job well. She gave me the tools I needed to build and maintain a stronger sense of self and wellness plan. She is my sounding board, outlet and makes me feel better about myself. I highly recommend her! Thank you Dr. White.


–June R.- Destin Florida

You Demand The Best!
Jumpstart Your Emotional Journey


Sometimes, we get so entangled in our stories, emotionally hijacked by our situation, or a loved one story or situation that it’s hard to see clearly and objectively what is really going on. The truth is everything we attract is related to our ways of reacting to it. 


Maybe you’re getting triggered in relationships both at work and personal and don’t know how to resolve this.

Perhaps, you’re a people pleaser and you don’t know how to set healthy boundaries. Or, you feel responsible for a loved one happiness and hardship from their life choices or failures. Maybe, you simply feel unhappy and unfulfilled and don’t know how to feel better and just need someone to talk to outside your inner circle whose nonjudgemental and can give you direct honest advice in a compassionate way to help guide your soul.


It can be tremendously challenging to move forward if you don’t know where the emotional issue lies, where and how you keep yourself stuck, as well as what to do to truly transform your limiting pattern and unhealthy behavior. The common thread between food addiction and codependency is that those suffering with codependency have boundary and control issues, low self-worth as well as physical, emotional, and psychological consequences. In short, they have lost themselves. Individuals suffering with codependency are susceptible to stress-related medical problems as well as psychological problems. Codependency is known as relationship in which one person appears to be dependent on another. Codependency isn’t simply being clingy or preferring to spend time with someone more than being alone, it’s a “psychosocial condition that is manifested through a dysfunctional pattern of relating to others.” 


A codependent is a person who can't function from his or her innate self and instead organizes thinking and behavior around a substance, process, or other person(s). A process is an activity. For example, it may be gambling, sex, shopping, or working. 


-Darlene Lancer, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Author of Codependency for Dummies


This pattern is characterized by: extreme focus outside of self, a lack of open expression of feelings, and attempts to drive a sense of purpose through relationships. This pattern is typically learned at a young age as a response to early childhood neglect, abuse, or other family dysfunction and includes an extreme dependency on the approval and acceptance of others while simultaneously ignoring or repressing their own needs in favor of attending to the needs of others.This description of codependency shares much in common with some of the most prevalent shared experiences of those suffering from food addiction. 


"Darlene Lancer, a marriage and family therapist specializing in addiction and codependency, believes that the common thread that runs through codependency and food addiction is shame. Although for most people, shame is a temporary feeling, Lancer says that, “For addicts and codependents it hangs around, often beneath consciousness. You’re ashamed of who you are. You don’t believe you matter or are worthy of love, respect, success, or happiness.” Over time, this chronic sense of unrelenting shame caused by formative experiences accumulates and manifests in low self-esteem, people-pleasing and other maladaptive behaviors, and a profound inability to meet your own needs. “Shame creates many fears and anxieties that make relationships difficult, especially intimate ones.” Lancer explains:


For codependents, shame can lead to control, care-taking, and dysfunctional, nonassertive communication. […] You aren’t assertive when shame causes you to be afraid to speak your mind, take a position, or express who you are. […] Codependents are afraid to get close because they don’t believe they are worthy of love, or that once known, they’ll disappoint the other person.


At the same time, love and approval are what the codependent person craves, and because you have not learned how to nurture or perhaps even recognize your own needs, you are left in a constant state of struggle, unable to move forward in healthy ways. Instead, you turn to eating as a self-destructive means of filling the void and finding comfort. As your codependency and food addiction deepen, they may also serve to feed off of each other, creating triggers that heighten distress, anxiety, codependent behavior, and your addiction.

For people like You and I, who have struggled with codependency and food addiction throughout our entire life, discovering the nuanced and reciprocal relationship between the two can be like finally solving a puzzle.

You may be feeling lost, overwhelmed or unsure of what is holding you back. You might even become distrustful or jealous, cutting yourself off from others… even though you know this is not the true You.

This behavior is normal due to the core of codependency is- A Lost Self

You will not see any change until you have dealt with the core issue (processed emotional wound at the causal level), you won’t be able to experience true healing until you face your shadow traits. You can’t try to do/resolve things in your head or think that by reading self-help resources, you will magically change. Trying to intellectualize and/or rationalize isn’t enough — you need to actually participate in your life by doing the inner work. This means,  healing from both food addiction and codependency to truly remove their roots and create a strong foundation for lasting recovery. 


I'll show you how!


If you're serious about hitting the reset button on your life and ready to take on the self care challenge I can help you begin to make positive changes in your life with a full life audit. No more dwelling on negativity. It's time to protect your vibe, heal your emotional wounds, and cleanse your heart and home from negative energies and unhealthy behavior patterns. Contact us today to see if abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma is the root to your codependency and emotional eating behavior!


We’re here to help

Begin your recovery journey today.



Let's Have a Conversation About Rebuilding Your Life!


It’s never too late to start all over and rebuild your life from scratch; never too late to become the person you were destined to become. If you are still here, still living and breathing, then you have all that it takes to move in the direction of your dreams…soul path...spiritual gifts...and live out your soul contract... Don’t give up!
~ Nikki LeToya White
Live More Confidently!
When life “forces” you to start all over and rebuild your life from scratch, instead of panicking and looking at the whole thing as a punishment, and instead of allowing fear to paralyze you, you can look at the whole experience as a new chance; as a new opportunity for you to create your life on a stronger and healthier foundation; a new chance for you to be happy. To start all over and show up in the world as you were meant to without trauma and addiction having a stronghold on your life.
That's where I come in. 
Remove Mental and Emotional Blocks To Success!
I've witnessed, first-hand, the deep-rooted struggle, pain, and fear that emotional abandonment and childhood emotional neglect causes. The spiritual separation of love and suffering of feeling alone and ignored that ensues. Everyone seems to believe just because you don't speak up about how you feel (because you don't really know how to express yourself emotionally in a way that others truly understand that you are not complaining, whining, or trying to be negative, just simply stating how you feel) they think you are okay. But, you're really not okay their is a invisible barrier that you can't really explain that says you're not allowed to be happy, safe, trust yourself or others, or really lead your life, you're only allowed to follow others, fix, save, rescue, and please them in order to feel good about yourself. 
To believe you could actually be the leader of your own life without feeling responsible for others moods, opinions, feelings, and happiness is a goal that can be a reality. But this can only happen if you trust in yourself again. Throughout history, family has been fundamental to society. Strong families lead to strong communities and contribute to a healthy, stable nation. But because our families are made up of imperfect people, seeking to do right but often feeling like we’re getting it wrong, many families are just struggling to survive. 
Knowing how to have a family that thrives is difficult. It takes effort. And it can be easy to take our families for granted. We assume they’ll always be there. We assume they’ll turn out fine. But this assumption can fracture families, leading to fractured communities and an unstable nation – a sad fact we witness in the brokenness of the world around us today. I believe in healing generational wounds.
I also, believe women are the key to starting the process of healing. Any woman individual, wife, or mother is usually the primary caretaker and influencer of the home and family. They are the ones who take care of everyone around them. Most women are expected to do everything. A lot of men assume the women in their lives will do everything, and surprisingly, many women accommodate them, willingly or not. My clients complain about this all the time. I tell my clients that you have to tell your husband what you want and not expect him/her to read your mind. Some wives resent this. That goes for family too. Some family members like to count your money and expect you to accurate their needs and wants. Some siblings resent saying no. Many wives think their spouse should know what needs to be done and do it without being asked. This is unrealistic and impractical, and builds resentment. While many women enable their families by saying yes and never allowing them to learn from their mistakes. They are leading miserable lives due to their inability to say no and put their own needs first. This codependent behavior is causing all kinds of addiction to develop due to avoiding conflict and suppressing difficult emotions such as overconsumption of wine, alcohol, drugs, medication, being a work-alcoholic, gambling/lottery, shopping, and food.
I've been in your shoes struggling with a binge eating disorder to escape the stress within my own life. However, I've also, learned the soul lesson you are experiencing. I also, believe the opposite is true. Because I am no longer the woman who think, feel, or behave in this manner. My recovery allow me to put my mind at ease. I've learned how to heal and recover from people pleasing, abandonment, childhood emotional neglect, and a diagnosed binge eating disorder. Emotional eating, a lack of self love, abandoning my own needs, sharing my skills with all the wrong people while allowing my own wealth and finances to remain impoverished is no longer a goal. 
At Spiced Life Conversation, LLC, we know that when women are equipped with practical advice to heal themselves, they can thrive and so can there families. When families are strong, they leave a valuable imprint on society for generations to come. We believe in rebuilding the family unit, starting with the person who holds the most influence in helping others thrive. Women. That's why we support women on their healing journey. We they are thriving they can in return support others. 
In the weeks ahead you can be on your way to beginning your emotional healing journey if you choose to invest in your own inner work.
I am on a healing mission and will be forever, because I know better than anyone because I've experienced it and walk the path of recovery everyday. I understand that recovery is a lifelong process. It's the only way to heal generational wounds and PTSD that distress your daily life. I've decided to dedicate my life to helping women shed their fears, regain their confidence, fuel their creativity, and recovery from abandonment, financial stress, emotional neglect, imposter syndromes, and emotional eating as they become the leader of their lives by building and maintaining a stronger sense of self so they can start living the life they were meant to experience, helping their own family thrive in the process. 
I do this by helping them:
Face their shadow self.
Create a healthier lifestyle.
Create healthier eating habits.
Opening their heart.
Connecting them to their authentic self.
Developing their intuition.
Teaching them how to protect, listen to, and follow their own inner voice. Through spiritual practices of aura cleanse, home and workplace cleanse, chakra diagnosis and helping them banish negative energy and ward off unpleasant people that no longer serve their higher good as they choose to heal and recover from unhealthy self sabotaging behavior that leads to the road of success however you define it on your own terms.  
If you are ready to become the leader of your own life. I can help you get back into alignment with your own soul path, own inner voice, using your own spiritual gifts to take care of your own needs. Free of codependency and emotional eating.
My specialties include trauma informed soul therapy to overcome childhood emotional neglect, mental and emotional healing/wellness, soul alignment, grief management, rejection and abandonment trauma, mindset development, conflict resolution, subconscious mindset processes, overcoming obstacles, as well as leadership, empowerment and career development.
My trauma informed counseling begin when I started helping women in 2008 working as an Ordain Minister in the role of Recovery Counselor, Marriage and Family Counselor, and Life Planning/Career Coach as well as in the mental health and substance abuse field as a Master Level Individual and Family Behavioral Health Therapist and Substance Abuse Counselor and Clinical Case Manager. In 2016, I became a Registered Licensed Board Trauma-Informed Nutritionist, Folk Herbalist, Hoodoo Practitioner  Visual Artist and a Wellness and Leadership Coach specializing in trauma and addiction. In addition, I work in the real estate industry as a Mobile Public Notary and Loan Signing Agent and I have been a Skincare and Wellness Consultant for Avon since 2009.
With over a decade of coaching and trauma-informed counseling experience to my claim, I have helped clients become trauma informed, develop a closer relationship with God and Ancestors, overcome the fear of rejection and abandonment, heal through grief, and learn how to create better relationships with themselves as they connect to the greater power and purpose of their own life free of codependency and emotional eating. Now as a trauma informed nutritionist I will teach you all about trauma informed care and trauma informed nutrition. If you are serious about healing and recovering  I can show you how to shift your people pleasing behavior from abandoning your own needs to properly serving humanity while creating a win win situation with others opposed to a one-sided manipulative situation where you are self sabotaging your own needs and financial situation to make others feel comfortable or to like you. Does all this sound right for you? We know that you deserve more. Do you believe that you deserve the same grace from God, and love, respect, and happiness that you give to others? We believe in what your life could be. But at the end of the day the choice is yours. 

Either way I honor your choice. If you choose yourself. I am committed to supporting you in moving through your mental and emotional setbacks and difficulties so that you can create a life that is powerful, purposeful, happy, successful and fulfilling.

Decide for yourself!
We believe that every family has the potential to thrive. And we want to see our nation transformed by families that have been strengthened and redeemed from generational trauma and childhood conditioning that no longer serve their adult life. That’s why we provide women and their families with consistent encouragement and practical help.
Life is ever-changing; pain, disappointment, grief, loss, struggle, and challenges are all a part of the life process. You will learn how to reconnect with the world and learn how everything is connected. But aside from getting what you desire– you will also learn to perceive life differently and become an even better version of yourself by making your own life choices, like you are doing at this very moment. Let me guide you through your soul's healing journey. You can build mental fitness and well being in your own life as well as in the workplace: creating a positive culture and life you were meant to experience on your own terms. In short, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Make this the turning point of your life. A rewarding experience awaits you. You've got an important decision to make. When you are ready schedule an appointment to start your journey. You owe it to yourself and you'll be glad you did!
What is spirituality?

Spirituality is our connection to the universe through a personal higher power often called source, spirit, the divine, God, or another term of your choice. Spirituality exists outside of organized religion. You do not have to be a specific religion, or religious at all, to be spiritual! Spirituality often comes through as a feeling that you belong to something greater. Spirituality enhances our intuition to help guide us through life’s decisions. It also allows us an opportunity to develop a personal relationship and deeper connection with God, Ancestors and our Divine Team of helpers and Angels.

To be very frank and honest. I learned that I would never change my life until I change something I did in my daily life. The secret to my full remission and recovery was in my daily routine. Self care is how I took my power back. I believe that success on all levels in any area of your life is found in your daily routine and mindset. You must choose to make the shift!


With that said, ’ll tell you right up front, I don’t fix people; I help them reconnect with their inner strength and wisdom, their gut feelings to heal shattered self esteem and broken hearts.


-Dr. Nikki LeToya White

I am not what happened to me,
I am what I choose to become.
~Carl Jung


Friendly Reminder

Be a strong woman.

so your daughter will

have a role model and

your son will know what

to look for in a woman

when he's a man. 

Take care of your mental and emotional health

overcome codependency (people pleasing) and emotional eating today!


-Dr. Nikki LeToya White

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Our annual book tour begins June 19th for our meet and greet and book signing events. Check out our dates so you can organized your calendar accordingly. Can't wait to connect with you brave self healers, recovered emotional eater's and codependent people pleasing as well as those striving for recovery!

August 2nd

Are You Striving to Recover From Emotional Eating or Codependency?


Enrollment for our 12 Week The Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox Programs starts July 11th for early bird specials and end on July 18th and goes back to original price until Thursday the 21st. Our Annual Fall Session Begins on Monday August the 1st 2022. We have limited spot left due to waitlist. I'm booking 10 extra spots and thereafter your name can go on the waiting list for winter session that starts on Monday January 2nd, 2023. 

August 2nd

Do You Struggle With Stress During The Holiday Season?


Enrollment for our 16 Week Navigating Binge Eating Disorder Recovery During the Holiday Season seasonal class starts July 11th for early bird specials and end on July 18th and goes back to original price until Thursday the 21st. Our Annual Fall Session Begins on Monday August the 1st 2022. We have limited spot left due to waitlist. I'm booking 5 extra spots and thereafter your name can go not the waiting list for next year class. 


January 3rd

Do You Struggle With Low Mood, Stress, Self Care, and Emotional Eating During the Winter Months?


Enrollment for our 16 Week Beat The Winter Blues seasonal class starts December 12th for early bird specials and end on December 19th and goes back to original price until Thursday the 22nd. Our Annual Winter Session Begins on Monday January the 2nd 2023. We have limited spots left due to waitlist. I'm booking 5 extra spots and thereafter your name can go not the waiting list for next year class. 

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Do You Want a Private Wedding and Need a Wedding Officiant To Marry You?


Back by properly demand. Dr. White have started back offering private elopement weddings. Weddings are reserve for couples who want to elope privately due to economic circumstances or stress prevention. Dr. White is an approved wedding officiant for the state of Georgia through American Marriage Ministries Minister ID: 792205 and she is a licensed certified ordain minister through Harvest Tyme Ministries since 2009. 


Office Safety Precautions in Effect During the Pandemic


Our office is taking the following precautions to protect our clients/patients and help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

  • My colleagues, staff and I wear masks.

  • My colleagues and staff maintain safe distancing.

  • Hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is available during and after sessions.

  • We schedule appointments at specific intervals to minimize the number of people at studio each day.

  • We ask all clients/Avon customers to wait in their cars or outside until no earlier than 5 minutes before their appointment times.

  • Credit card pads, pens and other areas that are commonly touched are thoroughly sanitized after each use.

  • Physical contact is not permitted.

  • Tissues and trash bins are easily accessed. Trash is disposed of on a frequent basis.

  • Common areas are thoroughly disinfected after each sessions and at the end of each day.

  • No art supplies are being used at this time. All creative expression processing of emotions assignments are done in clients home as homework assignments. 


Note: We are no loner providing Telehealth due to too many distraction, interruptions, and problems with internet provider service. 


Are you a Codependent


Struggle with Emotional Eating

When Stressed?

Whether you’re a recovering people-pleaser, a recovering codependent, a emotional eater, a highly-sensitive person, an empath, or a chronic caregiver, or have the INFJ or INPJ personality trait our whole health counseling program can guide you to live from a place of strength, authenticity, and inner peace.

-If you've never felt seen or heard

-You tend to lose yourself in relationships

-You can't see or value yourself 

-You feel responsible for others happiness
-Your limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck

-You feel ignored like your feelings don't matter-You Don't Matter! 

-You abandon your needs, dreams, health, career opportunities, or opportunities to develop your own spiritual gifts to save, rescue, fix, or please others you may struggle with codependency or have a deep emotional wound of abandonment or childhood emotional neglect trauma that may be affecting your adult relationships and life choices. Or you may be a Empath but don't know it!

When you have been raised to believe that what you feel, think, need, and want are unimportant, you develop into someone who hides their authentic self, people pleases, lacks boundaries, is often depressed, angry, anxious, and has few skills to change their lives. As a result to all these difficult emotions you tend to escape with food or other addictions like sex, shopping, gambling, drugs, alcohol or wine, gaming, etc. to feel better. Codependency and emotional eating does NOT have to control your life. You can begin your healthy eating and emotional healing journey! Take the FREE quiz to see if you struggle with emotional blockages.


If you do because you answer yes to 5 or all 10 questions, sign up for a 60 minute Clarity/Vent Soul Guidance Session so you can begin on a journey of becoming the leader of your life. 

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