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"Are You Feeling Stuck In Life"

Do you feel stuck in an unhealthy relationship? Do you feel guilty when you say "no" or set boundaries? Does your life center around what everyone else wants and needs rather than what you need, do you struggle with lingering abandonment and childhood emotional neglect wounds from the past these are signs of codependency behavior ? 

Hello, I'm Dr. Nikki LeToya White, a recovered codependent people pleaser, emotional eater, and abandonment and childhood emotional neglect survivor turned Licensed Board Certified Nutritionist, Folk Herbalist, Wellness and Leadership Coach, Skincare and Wellness Consultant for Avon, course creator, Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent, and visionary behind the GuttyGirl Club a platform with tools, resources, and guides to assist women and real estate professional who struggle with codependency and emotional eating cause by abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma. 

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Until then see where you are on the growth scale so you can stop feeling lost and alone. And start planning for your journey of choosing yourself. 


Starting an emotional healing journey is not one-size-fits-all.

The Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox Growth Scale Framework identifies where you fall on one of four levels — from Student to Master— and lays out
the specific action steps you need to take to grow from one level to the next as you recover from codependency behavior.


What level are you at? And what does that mean for you as you recover from codependency, learn how to give your self-self love, and self growth, on your emotional healing journey?

Dr. Nikki Letoya White

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You’ll Never Be Happy In A Relationship If You Don’t Address This First!

It doesn’t matter if you are in a romanic relationships, friendship, co-working/boss relationships, teacher/student, or family/ extended family relationship. When dealing with people-their moods, beliefs, behavior, life choices happiness or unhappiness you will never be content if your own sense of self is weak. 


The quality of our relationships are the SINGLE biggest factor in determining our level of personal happiness and well being. Science has taught us that healthy relationships can even help us live longer lives!


Yet most of us were never taught to be intentional about building the fulfilling, successful connections around us that we need to thrive. Nor have anyone ever taught us how to successfully love, approval of, respect, and build a strong connection with ourselves. How are we suppose to create healthy balance relationships with others if we can’t even respect and manage our own needs, emotions, thoughts, and behavior response when around difficult people, stressful situations, and pressure of life. We can’t thrive if we don’t even have the tools to survive difficult situations without losing ourselves or getting swallowed up in relationships and denying our own needs and dreams. At Spiced Life Conversation Art Wellness Studio and Botanica we’re committed to teaching you the valuable skills and insights to create life-long, deeply connected, life-affirming relationship with yourself. Once you learn how to love yourself everything else will flourish.


In 2009, I became an ordain minister. My role as a Pastoral Counselor include Marriage and Family Counseling and Life Planning/Career Coach. Throughout this season of counseling I also worked within the Mental Health and Substance Abuse field as a Master Level Individual and Family Behavioral Health Therapist, Clinical Case Manger, and Substance Abuse Counselor.  I was taught how to listen and give skills to cope with life hardships. As a life planner/career coach, individual and family therapist and marriage and family counselor many clients were searching for love, struggling in your marriage, or trying to raise a happy, successful child with health conditions and behavioral issues, and as a counselor we provided them with the skills, strategies, and tools they needed to permanently improve their life. We focus on the typical relationships issues that allowed client’s to: 

  •     Feel loved, accepted and valued

  •     Completely transform their struggling relationships

  •     Create a happy, connected, harmonious family

  •     Learn the critical keys to falling, and staying, in love

  •     Eliminate damaging beliefs and fears

  •     How to handle the toughest parenting challenges with children with behavior issues and health conditions


But not once did I see a model that allowed us to focus on self improvement and personal growth due to generational wounds, money blocks/financial issues, codependency people pleasing, emotional stress eating, and impostor syndrome. All the things I was dealing with within my own life and many of the truckers wives I counsel within my own private counseling and coaching practice. When I asked if I could specialized in trauma and addiction within this realm of mental and emotional distress I was denied because my supervisor said insurance would not pay for these concerns because they were not considered "medical-necessities" because there are no diagnoses for these in the DSM-V. 


I tried to explain my case and how I was helping women in my own private practice but no one cared. I dreaded this contract and the low quality of care. I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and burnout with marriage counseling because all the things we hear from clients that sound familiar such as:


“We fought all the time.”

“He cheated.”

“She was too possessive.”

“We didn’t know how to communicate.”

“He spent too much money.” 

“He only connect with me during sex.” 

“We were incompatible.”

“He always put his mom and family issues first…because of this we are $30,000 in debt.”

“We just grew apart.”


These are things I heard each day as a marriage and family counselor. But after hearing these people childhood stories- what I like to call “Shame Stories” I could see patterns of emotional abandonment and childhood emotional neglect that cause these financial issues/money blocks, emotional wounds, imposter syndrome/insecurities,  codependency/people pleasing and emotional stress eating behaviors.


My co-workers couldn’t see what I saw because they haven’t been through it, plus they only cared about the medical model of how clients would pay for services. I cared on a deep emotional level because their story and pain was my own. I’ve been abandon, neglected, rejected and experience all of these issue that cause me to develop an emotional binge eating disorder. In the reality is, I was unhappy in every relationship because they were all one sided. Until I begin dealing with my on issues of codependency and emotional eating nothing changed.


Plus, I was advised to not share my past with my clients. I thought it was a disservice to act like just because I was a counselor my life was perfect or that I didn't have any shortcomings or hardships. I am human with imperfection just like everyone else. The difference is I no longer allow my struggles, hardships, or painful wounds from the past to define me or who I could become. As a counselor I believe you should be honest and upfront about your life, experience, and training.


I've worked hard doing the work to heal my abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma that cause my codependency people pleasing and emotional eating behavior. My life is living proof that when it comes to living my truth, I own that shit. I've built a life on authenticity and that is what I teach my clients. No covering up deep wounds, shame stories, or dark insecurities. Instead, I just own it and continue to do the work to evolve and to better my life. Because I'm determined to break the cycle of childhood emotional neglect in my family. 


What Breaking The Cycle Looks Like?


The way out is not to change who you are. That is an unrealistic self-expectation. It is to build a new self-loving relationship with yourself. This involves taking daily actions on your own behalf – actions that allow you to give yourself positive strokes and validation for good behavior, i.e. sticking to a wellness plan with a variety of self care rituals.


My Awakening

I finally realized that until I changed nothing in my life would ever changed. I couldn’t change other people, but I could change my response to how they thought, their beliefs, moods, and behaviors. That’s why, if you’re in a relationship now and things have not gotten better you need to pay close attention to the patterns, triggers, and things you fight about, disagree on, and whatever needs are not being met. 


The Common Denominator In All Relationships


About 41% of first marriages end in divorce. So do 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages. 


Why is this?


You bring your issues from relationships to relationships, which means you’ll go on to recreate unhappy circumstances with some else. This applies to all relationships-friendships, co-workers/boss, family members/extended families. I believe we all have a unique self express and/or coping mechanism to dealing with people. If we don’t get our needs met we either deal with it in a healthy way or we deal with it in a unhealthy way suppressing our feelings with addiction of our personal preference-wine, alcohol, drugs, medications, sex, people pleasing, gambling, lottery, gaming, or food. We all need an escape when we don’t understand how to deal with difficult emotions, people, and stressful events within our lives. You can see this in my favorite TV show Private Practice written by Shonda Rhimes we will talk about this more later. 


The thing is, you bring emotional baggage from childhood into relationships, which means you’ll go into relationships with dependencies, expectations, and demands-expecting others to take care of your physical needs and/or emotional needs so you can feel better about yourself. The reality is, it’s no one responsibility to make you happy or manage your life. As a adult you make the best decision for your own individual life while balancing the needs and goals of others-by creating win win experiences. Not by neglecting or denying your own needs or goals. 


The biggest issue we all bring to relationships according to relationship expert Margaret Paul- and the one that can and will bring a relationship down-is self abandonment. 


What is Self Abandonment and how it starts according to Margaret Paul 


“Self-abandonment is what happens when you make someone else responsible for your feelings and sense of self worth. You’re essentially looking to someone outside you to take away your uncomfortable feelings and make you feel okay.” 


Margaret says, we are all prone to this, and it starts in childhood. See, you came into life expecting to be loved. But if your parents or caregivers didn’t know how to love, or see who you are in your beautiful essence, then one of two things happened:


1. You realized these people didn’t know how to love you. You understood that they were just limited in their ability, but you knew this didn’t mean anything about you. You were aware that whether or not someone loved you and cared for you was no reflection of your worth, you were confident in yourself, even in the face of rejection. 


More than likely, however, this didn’t happen. Instead, like most of us, this happened:


2. You concluded that there must be something wrong with you. And so we search for love and acceptance even if you had very long parents, you would have experienced some amount of pain. We all have, because no human being can provide 100% love for us all the time. 


And if, when you didn’t feel the love, you decided there was something wrong with you, then you started feeling very uncomfortable feelings-depression, anxiety, emptiness, and anger. These are big feelings your little body didn’t know how to handle. Back then, you coped by doing what kids and teenagers do: either rebelling or conforming as a way to get attention and love. 


Then you grew up and discovered something amazing called romantic love. “Aha!” The little child inside you thought, “This person will give me the love I didn’t get.” Margaret like most us therapist explains that searching for the perfect partner, what you’re really doing is looking for someone to give you the perfect love your parents never could. You think that if you can just get your partner to give you this perfect love, you’ll always feel okay. And this belief causes you to behave in destructive ways. Because you’ve self-abandoned and abdicated personal responsibility for your feelings, you feel an urgency to make sure your partner gives you what you’re not giving yourself. (I did this in my own life read about it in my books the LonerWife Series)


So you go into control, and not always in the ways you might think. Control can show up in the form of being overly nice and accommodating (like my behavior of codependency people pleasing to avoid being hurt and left) or in being possessive and hyper vigilant. You can control by being overly compliant and by caretaking. In each of these cases, you’re trying to make sure the other person doesn’t reject you. You think that by doing all these things, you won’t experience all the feelings that go along with believing you’re not lovable. 


According to Margaret when two people haven’t healed their self-abandonment you attract according to your level of self-abandonment and self love. I agree with this statement because in my own life I tend to attract people who need saving, rescuing, fixing and who are entitled. 


Margaret says, in a troubled relationship both people have unhealed self abandonment, and their problems stem out of control-on both sides. In trying to get love and avoid pain, both partners will engage in a variety of controlling behaviors that can inevitably lead to fighting, disconnection, and infidelity. 


As each partner tries to get love from the other, they end up pushing each other away, creating even more anxiety, emptiness, and anger. So it’s very important to learn how to create our own sense of worth rather than giving that power to your partner. When you make your partner responsible for making you feel okay, you’re going to “pull” on your partner. You will place an impossible burden on them to take away all your uncomfortable feelings. As a result, they will feel pressured, smothered, and controlled. And even if your partner does try to love you, there’s nowhere for that love to land. Because if you don’t love yourself first, you will not be able to fully receive someone else’s love. You won’t feel worthy of the love you so desperately want. 


Your love for yourself provides the foundation for their love to land in your heart and soul. Healing self abandonment and finding the true expression of love. We cannot connect with others when we’re disconnected from ourselves. And we cannot share love with others  when we’re not loving ourselves. But when you realize that you’re the only person who can truly make you feel okay, you welcome the opportunity to take responsibility for your feelings. You make it your job to feel good, which in turn takes the pressure off your partner to make everything right. As if by magic, even long-standing problems melt away as your need for control disappears.”


I share Dr. Margaret Paul thoughts because they are in alignment with my own as we both serve our clients with the same niche supporting our clients with healing and recovering from unhealed wounds that got triggered by our partner that begin our emotional healing journey. To learn more about Dr. Margaret Paul please visit and again to learn more about my shame story that triggered my own emotional healing journey read book one of the LonerWife Series. As it shares how I learn how to give myself my own validation and sense of worth as well as share how I could truly love myself so I wasn’t trying to grab it from someone else be it the working mother’s who mom shamed me, my inability to cope as a trucker wife, and my overwhelming, painful mother wound that cause me to make every perfectionist decision in my life.


My life work is helping women who struggle with a weak sense of self and experiencing codependency and emotional eating heal, recover, and create a fresh start on their own terms. Clients ask why I don’t just do typical marriage counseling well the above explains it. However, the main goal is to help you build a stronger sense of self. To do this I teach you how to define your own worth so you’re not depending on other people to determine how you feel, your goals in life, your career, or how you build your life. That means you’ll no longer dwelling on others behaviors trying to get them to pay attention to you or make you feel better about yourself. You are 100% responsible for your own needs, feelings thoughts, and behavior response that are creating the life you are currently experiencing. No more neediness or controlling others to avoid pain, rejection, or abandonment. 

Is the Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox Cleanse Program a right fit for me?

I work with women who don’t fit the typical stereotype of emotional eaters. I work with smart, successful, highly motivated women who want more in life, they just feel emotionally stuck. I work with women who don’t have 100’s of pounds to lose and already know what they should be eating, they just need someone to hold them accountable as they work their plan. The struggle comes when they are triggered by abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma due to unresolved emotional pain that cause them to express unhealthy behavior patterns such as escaping with food and codependency people pleasing due to emotional life stressors, difficult people, fear based thoughts, financial stress, imposter syndrome, lack of self worth, and weak sense of self. 


Starting your codependency and emotional eating journey by using the Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox Cleanse Program is perfect for you if: 

  • Using food to cope, soothe, and escape your busy, stressful life is holding you back from reaching higher levels of success in your personal and professional life.

  • You are successful in so many areas of your life except this most sacred one with food because you’ve never been taught healthy, doable ways to manage and move through difficult thoughts, feelings, and experiences. (Think Naomi, Amelia and Addison Montgomery from Private Practice TV Show. All these women  are successful with addictions that suppressed their difficult emotions. Naomi suppressed her feelings and stressful life issues with chocolate rather than face her difficult emotions. Amelia escaped with pills and alcohol when times got stressful. Addison choose to eat cheeseburgers after her break up with Sam rather than face her emotions, prior to the cheeseburgers she used sex to suppressed her feelings opposed to deal with her broken heart and life issues.)

  • Your emotional eating is a secret that you’ve been harboring for years and now more than ever, you want to be free.

  • You value high-level support and intuitive coaches, so you can break through your own inner self sabotaging and codependency people pleasing behavior due to trying to fix, save, rescue, and please everyone because you feel responsible for their needs, happiness, moods, well being, and life choices.


You Are Not Alone!

There are two clients I work with 80% of the time, they need to learn how to rework adult relationships so they can start living their lives on their own terms with balance and grace. The Other 20% are clients who struggle with skin, hair, and nails issues and seek nutrition advice and herbal consultation for disease prevention and sugar craving as I am also a Registered License Board Nutritionist and Folk Herbalist.

Client 1

You feel you have not met your full potential in life. You struggle with self-sacrificing.

Do you struggle with reaching your highest potential.  Are you having trouble identifying your strengths and weakness. The reason you are feel stuck in life is because you have not discovered, developed or understand your spiritual gifts, or how to use your gifts and skills to create the life you deserve. Or perhaps you know your strength and weakness but you are using your skills to help other's get rich while you continue to be broke due to putting your own dreams on hold because you're too focus on fixing, saving, rescuing and pleasing other by being a over functioning caregiver, friend, spouse, girlfriend, daughter, sister etc. 

My clients say they feel exhausted, resentful, financially stress and broke but don't know why. Does this sound like your situation? Are you investing your time, energy, skills and efforts to build somebody's else's dream while neglecting your own? The best advice I ever read was from Intellectual Lawyer, Business Coach and Author Rachel Rodgers;


"There is a big difference between being supportive, caring, and kind to your partner

(which energizes you, strengths your bond, and makes you feel rich) versus giving excessively to your partner (which drains your tank, depletes you, and leaves you broke.)


There is so much truth in that statement. My clients come to my office because they have a sense of what they should do, they just can't seem to make the changes on their own. They need accountability. I'm very real with them. Therefore, I will be very real with you right now. Unless you already living your dream life, and enjoying your wealth from your spiritual gifts, and is in full remission from codependency and emotional eating and have done the work to heal and recover from your own wounds, then you have no business trying to fix, save, rescue, and please others for FREE to build their dream or helping them feel better due to their own emotional wounds while you are neglecting your own dreams, goals, and well being. Get yourself together first before trying to fix, save, or rescue someone else, especially financially. 


Client 2

You're feeling unfulfilled even when you're successful. You struggle with being passive in your behavior. You struggle with emotional connection. The reality is, even the most successful, struggle!

You pride yourself on not relying upon others. You tend to struggle balancing work and family life, and often feel disappointed with, or angry at yourself for not priorities your own self care or the emotional needs of those you love. 


I have a lot of clients that are physician, realtors, mortgage brokers and lawyers being that I am also a NSA- Certified Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent. It is so easy to look at the glamorous lives of celebrities and successful people and assume that they have it all. Behind closed doors of their sprawling mansions it is extremely difficult to imagine the battles they fight within themselves. Turns out money, fame and lavish lifestyles don’t automatically mean the ability to shield oneself from emotional wounds and painful memories but contrary to popular belief it leads these successful people to being lonely, sad, and anxious and mostly, being unable to deal with their setbacks, leading them to depression and addiction.


Many of my clients complain about feel emotionally detached from the people in their lives.  Although my students are high functioning woman who appears to have it all. From the outside their life looks wonderful, but it doesn’t feel that way on the inside. They are walled off from their emotions. When asked what they want or what do they feel, they have no idea. At times, these women feel a deep emptiness, as if they’re hollow inside. They hide it well - others have no idea how they feel. They say it’s complicated, feeling this way? If this sounds like you, you too may be a  high achiever. You may also take pride in how efficient you are. You take care of your family physical needs and you perform well at work. But you wonder…If your life looks so good, why doesn’t it feel good? You go through all the motions of living a good life, but where’s the joy? The messed up part of this is that you rather give money than attend family events. You’d rather focus on arranging your kids after-school schedules than spend time with them.  You realize that you need to nurture your marriage and kids more than you were nurtured when you were young. It’s hard to give your children something you didn’t get from your own mother. You worry that your children will wind up struggling with the same feelings you’re struggling with and you certainly don’t want that to happen. You also don't want to set an example of solving problems with money opposed to facing difficult people, emotions and situations. Choosing work over connecting is something you must heal from. You’re looking for help. I can help you feel more connected to your family and show compassion not only to them but yourself as you tend to feel guilty when taking care of your needs. I can help you give yourself, your husband and children the best version of yourself and be the wife and mother your kids need you to be and the mother you want them to have. 


Beginning a journey of self-consciousness, questioning oneself and being unable of coping with the stress of work and their personal life led many of my clients down a lonely dark path of depression and addiction. ​My clients say they feel exhausted, burnout, overwhelmed, stressed, and struggle with unhealthy eating and living. People say they are aloof or distant. My client say they hate to admit it but sometime they feel like they don't belong when they are with family or friends, so they focus on work even though they wish they had more balance in their life and healthier relationships. Does this sound like your situation? Are you investing your time, energy, skills and efforts at work due to a demanding profession and neglecting your family, kids, spouses and household needs all because you feel unable to connect or communicate due to past emotional wounds? Are you repeating patterns you saw your parents do in your own childhood? 


You Worry About Being a Good Enough Mother. You feel frustrated by your flaws and sometimes unloving behavior. You become irritated and snappy with your kids. You wish they would just learn how to take care of themselves. Later, you feel guilty, because you want your children to grow up feeling loved and valued.


All of my clients are high earning professional which means there jobs are very demanding. Especially lawyers. Lawyers are high achievers by necessity. To succeed in the competitive, pressure-filled legal industry, successful attorneys have exceptional work ethic and perseverance. But that heightened capacity, unfortunately, also applies to increasing levels of lawyer stress. While any career in legal, healthcare, or finance inevitably comes with some level of stress, an abundance of stress can negatively impact your physical health. Stress can manifest through mental health issues and physical symptoms like headaches, muscle pain, and digestive issues. Too much stress can even result in conditions like insomnia, burnout, and anxiety.


However, if you struggle with abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma like my clients due to their parents or guardians were unable to provide them with the emotional support they needed growing up. Therefore, their adult behavior resulted in "I don't need anyone helps." or "If I make my parents proud with my high achieving goals and aspiration maybe, they will finally see me. Hear me. Understand me and how I feel." Yet, at family gathers things still remain the same. You feel invisible. Unwanted. And sometimes unloved. Now, you are starting to notice the same emotional distance within your own household with your kids and spouse. Because of this you secretly feel there’s something wrong with you. It's not you. It's the way you grew up.


The way you are treated emotionally by your parents or guardians determines how you will treat yourself as an adult. It also explains why your relationship have some issues you may need to work through. I tell my clients all the time how emotion is an undeniable part of your human experience. If you ignore your emotions, you will feel ignored on some level, no matter how much care you give yourself in other ways. Emotion is the substance of all relationships. If you are not attending to your emotions, you are by-passing a vital source of connection and joy, you are closing off your heart and unbalancing your heart chakra. That's why learning about Emotional Intelligence is importance and so is restoring the health of your chakra emotional center through whole foods. 


Emotional Intellgence has been proven to be more valuable to success in life and work than general intelligence. It’s extremely vital that you know how to name, use and manage emotion, as well as how to deal with it in others. People who received emotional validation from their parents in childhood are generally able to provide it automatically to their own children. However, people like my clients and myself  who didn't receive it enough themselves will likely struggle to provide self care along with understanding how to name, use and manage emotion, as well as how to deal with it in others. We were not taught how to deal with difficult situation.  It is vital to recognize what you didn't get yourself so that you can make conscious effort to learn the missing skills, fill your own blind spots in order to heal unresolved emotional wounds to ensure you don't past this issue along to your own children. It's up to you to break the generational cycle of a sense of abandonment, neglect, and all addiction including food.


We can help.

Whenever you're ready, my team and I can help you begin your emotional healing journey. Emotional healing is the process of acknowledging, allowing, accepting, integrating, and processing painful life experiences and strong emotions. It may involve empathy, self-regulation, self-compassion, self-acceptance, mindfulness, and integration. Many people have a tendency to want to control the process of emotional healing by minimizing the pain and controlling their emotions, but this can actually inhibit the process of emotional healing. But thing is you must accept how you feel. Then feel every emotions that comes up. Emotional healing takes the time that it takes—which may be longer or shorter than you expect or plan on—if you allow it to be fully acknowledged, felt, moved through, and processed. We provide everything you need: Coaching. Training. Systems. Spiritual Guidance. We can develop an action plan for prevention and recovery. 

This is different (and better) than traditional therapy.  Here at Spiced Life Conversation, LLC, we are not just here to talk about your feelings or what you want to change. To truly Escape From Codependency People Pleasing and Emotional Eating, and co-occurring behavior and stressors such as impostor syndrome and financial stress- your behavior must change. And so does your shame story and limited thinking. Therefore the support you receive here and all the programs’ elements have been specifically designed to facilitate a high-level of consistent action and accountability (we love baby steps!) that's why we created the Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox growth scale to help you do the work at your own pace and on your own level of healing.


If you are looking for a place to solely vent your feelings without doing any other work. I suggest you look else where. But, if you are ready to do the work needed to energetically declutter your life and emotionally state, cleanse your aura, balance your chakra  set your lifestyle up for healthy eating and living and deal with unresolved past wounds, then we are fully committed to assist you in true change and growth. And that requires a willingness to be responsible for your behavior, and ultimately, wanting that behavior to change. 

How do you Begin Your Emotional Healing Journey?


Here Are The Steps We’ll Take Together In Creating Life on Your Own Terms to Escape From Emotional Eating and to End Your Codependency Behavior: 

Phase 1: Emotional Healing and Clearing Out Negativity

Move forward on your path by working through emotional blocks holding you back, which includes difficult relationship with your self and others, fear based worldview/faculty limited thinking, unresolved emotional wounds cause by abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma.


Phase 2: Dealing With Stress, Emotional Eating, and Negativity Energy

Assist you with dealing with emotional eating cause by stress, pressure, and difficult emotions. Show you how to handle stress efficiently while also assisting you in setting the foundation to eat and live more healthier and overcome sugar addiction and sugar cravings, which also includes, home cleanse to clear negative energy, aura cleanse, chakra balancing with whole foods, and full kitchen detox.


Phase 3: Realigning To Your Own Soul Path and Building and Maintaining a Stronger Sense of Self While Improving Your Relationships With Money and How You Manage Your Finances As You Rebuild Your Life On Your Own Terms!

How to understand and recognize your unique soul path and spiritual gifts so you can express yourself with ease while earning money to take care of yourself and become more self sufficient after being dependent on others to manage your finances or assist you financially. This phase will allow you to realign with your own soul journey as you learn to detach from other people expectations, demands, and needs. We will walk through your credit, finances and make sure your finances and financial plan is align to your expectation as you rebuild your sense of self and start creating life on your own terms.




What Is This Program Like?


It focus on accountability. 


The Power of Strong Accountability


Healing emotional eating and codependent behavior doesn’t happen from collecting information. It happens from changing your unhealthy behavior.


My sense is you already know A LOT about abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma, codependency people pleasing, shadow work, inner child healing, emotional intelligence, food, health, what you should be eating to stop sugar addiction and sugar craving and even energy healing. (Perhaps you even have a career in health yourself!) But are blocked when it comes to following through.


That’s because information doesn’t motivate transformation. If it did, you wouldn’t be here reading this. That’s why in each of the programs we offer the Soul Connection 80/20 Life Detox Cleanse, Navigating Holiday Stress, Beat the Winter Blues, New Year: Setting Your Intention to release past pain so you don't carry them into the new year. With these programs you’ll receive a high level of strong accountability so you are following through. And most of all, when you feel like you’re breaking down, you’ve got a hand to hold so you can turn your breakdown into a breakthrough. If you ever asked the question, "How to stop being codependent, we can help?"


Seeking help is a sign of courage.

Don't let self-limiting beliefs hold you back from a life you deserve. ​ 

-Dr. Nikki LeToya White

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