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My health coaching and counseling services are designed to provide both education and conversation surrounding your personal wellness journey, and I serve as a guide and coach through your transition into a more balanced, healthy version of yourself as you achieve your sobriety goal.


We will work together as a team to identify your personal goals and create a custom-designed roadmap to your success. The program’s goals are safe and achievable and even the smallest of changes can have a significant and positive impact on your health. I will help you reach your goals by making gradual, healthy, and reasonable changes in your eating habits, stress management, physical activity, and establishing your healthy eating and living lifestyle.

What To Expect During A VIP/DAY 


3 Hour Coaching Sessions
 A super focused session on a topic of your choice. Great for addressing specific questions for those seeking support around minor diet and lifestyle tweaks and adjustments, or honing in on one topic of focus making your self-care a top priority.

Grocery Store Tour Guide & Meal Planning

First, we will discuss the basics to meal planning and meal prepping. Together we will prepare a list of what a weekly grocery list and meal plan might look like, and then we will talk about food labels and how to shop at your favorite grocery store to learn healthy tips, quick snack ideas, and ways to make your existing shopping habits healthier and more affordable based off of that list. You will have tips and tricks to meal prep for the week ahead so that you are ready and prepared whenever it’s time for your next meal.

Kitchen Cleanout & Makeover
A functional kitchen is the foundation for preparing great meals. Together, we will take a deep dive into your pantry and refrigerator to clean out the junk and make your kitchen a space of inspiration and simplicity. 

Resource and Tools

Unlimited email support between sessions.

Articles. Worksheets. Exercises.

that will increase your knowledge about nutrition, stress management, and healthy habits.

Binders filled with educational materials, resources, and notes. 

Ex. grocery shopping lists. meal planning sheets. food diary and trackers etc.


  • Healthy lifestyle tips so you can wake up feeling inspired and happy

  • What foods help you feel more energized throughout the day and help reduce sugar cravings to overcome sugar addiction

  • Recipes to help with sugar addiction

  • Tips to satisfy your food cravings

  • Healthy snack and meal ideas to keep on hand so that you always feel prepared 

  • Tips to help deal with stress and emotional eating


  • Emotional Wellness 

  • Sugar Addiction, Sugar Cravings, and Emotional Eating

  • Stress Management/Environmental Cleanse

  • Diastasis Recti Repair

  • Imbalance Hormones of Estrogen/Vaginal Atrophy Relief

  • Childhood Trauma- Concerns of Abandonment and Emotional Neglect

  • Financial Stress From Taken on Others' Debt

  • Impostor's Syndrome Fear of Success and Being Abandon

  • Habit Change + Goal Setting

































Investment $10,000

Mary Cain


Dr. White’s holistic, educational, and supportive approach to health has been life-changing for me! I’ve tried all the fad diets and programs but I wanted a real mindset shift in how I approach health as a whole that I could rely on throughout life’s ups and downs. With so much conflicting info online and on social media, it can be really confusing and overwhelming to begin a truly healthful journey. Enter Dr. White! She meets you where you’re at, without judgment, and champions alongside you to help identify and implement your goals, one step at a time. Dr. White tackles all the components of sustainable health, breaking them down and communicating them in ways that are easy to understand and apply to your daily life. She does this with warm accountability, genuine care, and plenty of evidence-based knowledge! I love that she dives into not only what healthy choices and self-care rituals are but exactly why they improve your health and how to make them actionable (and enjoyable) for you and your specific circumstances.

After a 3-hour 1:1 VIP/DAY with Dr. White…

I am dealing with sugar addiction, emotional eating, codependency people pleasing issues, and unresolved childhood trauma, and I have become frustrated and overwhelmed. I was not getting anywhere with my therapist and decided to take a different approach to my health. I joined the Life in Recovery membership and scheduled a VIP/Day with Dr. White and during our session, Dr. White was attentive and understanding. At no time did I feel overwhelmed or that nothing was wrong with me. Dr. White validated all of my concerns. I knew I needed to make changes, and Dr. White made suggestions to help get me started. She explained her suggestions and gave me very doable steps to take. I was so thrilled with what Dr. White had to say that I signed up to work with her and her team for 6 months. Both investments were the best decision I've ever made to support my emotional healing journey. 

Katisha Rice

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