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Summer: Mid-Year 3-Day Watermelon Juice Reset

  • 7Days
  • 11Steps


A regular healthy detox is a simple yet profound way to continue reaping the rewards of a juice cleanse while maintaining a balanced diet. **Who Benefits from This Cleanse?** Unlike traditional juice cleanses that involve fasting, our approach is different. With our detox program, you'll substitute one meal or snack daily with 16 ounces of nutrient-packed Hyradting-Producing Fruit. This method is ideal for those seeking sustained lifestyle changes and a convenient way to incorporate more water into, even amidst a busy schedule. Moreover, this cleanse is designed to accommodate individuals who require solid food intake, such as athletes, pregnant or nursing women, or those with physically demanding jobs. It's about beginning the Summer season on the right foot—showing our bodies love and respect, kickstarting the hydration process for the coming hot season. We're starting the summer fresh and ensuring our bodies are properly nourished. **What Can This Cleanse Achieve?** Consider the nutritional richness of watermelon, a powerhouse for a refreshing cleanse. Watermelon is packed with hydration and essential nutrients like vitamins A and C, promoting skin health and immune function. It also contains potassium, supporting heart health, and citrulline, aiding in natural detoxification. Embrace nature's refreshing supplement with a watermelon cleanse—nourishing, hydrating, and revitalizing. Our juice program empowers you to infuse your daily diet with green vitality seamlessly—no mess, no waste, just pure convenience. We conduct this reset twice annually, in January and June, inviting you to join us in cleansing and detoxifying our bodies. Let's embark on this journey together—renewed, revitalized, and ready to embrace optimal health and wellness.

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