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Nature Heals

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Self Care Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

It is very common for me to end a counseling session by asking a client, “What are you going to do for self care this week?” When we first start working together, a new client might answer, “I don’t have time for self care.” It’s true that we live in an age where everyone is busy and there are typically about 5 things we should be doing. It’s also true that self care doesn’t have to mean doing something time consuming. You may not have time to go for a nature walk, take a dance class or even enjoy a bubble bath. This is why it it’s important to have a mental list of things you can do during 10 minute break in your schedule or when you start to feel stressed. Such as, take deep breathes, practice gratitude, say a quick affirmation, listen to a favorite song or have a cup of tea.

In my down time I love to walk in nature and capture photos even if it's just for ten minutes. Just like art and writing I believe nature heals. You can check out some of my work here. But I created this short post because I'm always getting ask how can I harness the power of nature in my own life to help with the experience of emotional healing?

You can add plants in your own space (your house, bedroom, work space) that's one thing I’m doing in my office at this present moments adding more live plants. Consider arranging your furniture so you can see out a window when your sitting at your desk. A small water fountain can sound and look peaceful. Maybe purchase a large picture (or better yet, blow up a picture you have taken yourself somewhere that you’ve visited) of something in nature and hang it where you’ll see every day. Grow an indoor plant. Admittedly I’m not the best at keeping indoor plants alive.Yet I purchased two today to put in the lobby of the office at our Atlanta, Georgia counseling center. Why? I want it to be a healing experience. An NBC News article I read explains, “Studies have also proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels and boost your mood — making them perfect for not just your home but your work space, too.”

Another simple way to bring nature into your wellness journey is simply by going for a walk when you feel stressed. This is what you will see on your brisk evening walk. A simple ten minute walk can lift your vibration!

Check out more of my art and photos here.

Help Developing A Plan For Self Care

Do you want help developing a self care plan that works for your own busy schedule? Do you want accountability implementing a self care plan? If you or someone you love is struggling to maintain optimal mental and emotional health, consider reaching out to Spiced Life Conversation Art Wellness Studio and Botanica. We are a Metro Atlanta, Conyers Georgia area. We are a coaching and counseling practice with empathetic, skilled counselors and recovery coaches who can help you set goals, develop a self care routine and move forward to build a more fulfilling life. Our team would be happy to work with you either just for a couple of sessions to develop and implement a Self Care plan or longer term to work toward overall better mental health within our membership site or other programs.

About The Author:

Dr. Nikki LeToya White MSEd-TL, Ph.D. RHN is the founder, director and a full time board certified trauma-informed nutritionist, folk herbalist, and wellness consultant at Spiced Life Conversation Art Wellness Studio and Botanica. She created Spiced Life Conversation, LLC

Art Wellness Studio and Botanica to provide the Metro Atlanta area with a counseling and coaching services where clients are carefully matched with the right program for healing abandonment and childhood emotional neglect trauma that cause codependency, emotional eating, financial stress, and imposter syndrome as it relates to fear of success and being abandon. We help you begin your emotional healing journey with ease. Recently, we have expanded to include online membership site so we now provide support to people living all over the world. All of our recovery coaches provide at least one evidence based treatment to assist in your recovery. Dr. White is a big proponent of self care and helping people live a fulfilling life! She has been in full remission with both codependency and emotional binge eating disorder since 2016. In live a life in recovery from sugar addiction. Loving her low sugar balance lifestyle.

Best Regards

Dr. Nikki LeToya White

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