Healing Through Art

I believe everyone is a artist.

I believe everyone should use art to heal emotional pain and address emotional wounds.

However many of us allow the adults in our lives as well as our own negative adult voice to prevent us from doing what feels right for our own healing. Many of us struggle with honoring our own needs and intuitive voice due to our need to please others. Codependency people pleasing is very real and must be addressed if healing is to occur. I believe that art can heal this dis-ease.

Creating art takes us into an inner world of imagery and emotion far deeper than words can express. This allows us to experience and integrate parts of ourselves that have been suppressed for years. For example here's a painting I painted when I was trying to process the loss of a miscarriage I felt as if I was lost in foggy woods all alone and drowning in pain.

Another piece I painted while struggling to cope with a difficult and stressful holiday. Trying to make sense of escaping with food after being mom shamed and called fat during the holidays by inconsiderate elders not knowing any better. I. didn't feel blue. I felt disgusted.

This last piece I captured while on my front porch writing in my gratitude journal, reading my bible and talking to God, Angels, Ancestors, and my Divine Team and this is what the sky looked liked so I grabbed my camera to capture the beauty of God's Creation.

The bottomline is art heals. It creates a sense of calm and reflection and a greater connection with ourselves. Let it help you recover. To see more of my work visit here.

All The Best,

Dr. Nikki LeToya White

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